What are the databases produced during the project?

One of the project’s main step is to develop a national emission factor database to support organisations from each country in the definition and the implementation of their approach of carbon accountability. Thus, 5 national databases containing at least 300 emission factors have been produced, with among them 150 country-specific EFs. Emission factors are the key point of any calculation method, so it is major to use standard values in a national level.

The EF databases available are focused on the category of emissions from main sectors (energy, refrigerant fluids, freight and passenger transport, waste processing and purchase of good such as agricultural products, chemicals, glass, cardboards, metals).

The main sectors identified for the national databases followed a methodological structure of report to insure uniformity between the databases.

Clim'Foot DB structure.PNG

Process name: a descriptive name for the activity. It must be unique and consistent during the project. You can use the synonymous field to record any other names by which the process is known.
Clim’Foot ID: a number composed by two capital letter that define the country and five number.
If you use data protected by copyright, you have to declare it.
Technical description: a short description of the process. Among the activity description, you have to precise some data quality:  the technological representativeness (TeR), the time representativeness (TiR) and the geographical representativeness (GeR) which are data quality level to assess the representatives of the technology used.
Data quality statement: other informations which might indicate weakness in data quality or difficulties in use or interpretation of the data.
Elementary flows: the greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol. All GHG emitted are multiplied by their Global Warming Potential in order to express all gases in the same unit, that is the characterization flows.


The download of the 5 national databases (Italy, Croatia, Greece, Hungary and France) is available by clicking here !!

You can also download the 5 databases in the Practical case part:


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Solution: Some EF are shared between databases

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What is the interest of the Clim'Foot database?

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