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Latest news on Clim'Foot project

Kick-off meeting

5th and 6th November 2015, Lille - France


The kick-off meeting of the project was in Lille during two days. It was held in the context of the 2nd Carbon accounting Conference organised by ADEME in Lille (More information: - website available in English).




II project  meeting

4th and 5th April 2016, Bologna – Italy


The II project meeting, which have been organised by the partner ENEA, has taken place in Centro Ricerche ENEA, Bologna.


Train the Trainers

20th and 21th April 2016, Paris – France


The four main objectives of this session were:

- Review of the main principles and techniques to animate a training session for adults;

- Address all technical and methodological questions or difficulties about the content

- Run series of role play sequences, allowing each participant to test him/herself in a semi
realistic situation;

- Define next steps for the preparation of national training session in autumn.


Technical workshop

22th April 2016, Paris – France



A technical workshop, animated by ADEME was organised in Paris.The aim was to train CRES, Eco Innovazione, EIHP, ENEA and HOI to the creation of the National databases.


III project  meeting

6th and 7th October 2016, Budapest - Hungary


The III project meeting, which have been organised by the partner HOI, has taken place in Herman Ottó Conference Center, Budapest.