Final conference of the project: presentation available!


The final conference of the Clim'Foot project took place on June 14, 2018!

The aim of this conference was to present and promote the project results as well as inviting European stakeholders and policy makers to join the initiative. This conference presented the European project Clim'Foot and its results, to a wide variety of actors (public or private organisations, decision-makers, etc.). You can download the programme on the right side.


The conference focused on the activities implemented during the project and its results:

  • The Clim’Foot database: a common methodology for 5 National databases
  • The Bilan Carbone©  Clim’Foot tool: an adaptation of the tool for the calculation of carbon footprint of organisation
  • Creation and implementation of online and onsite trainings
  • Five different voluntary programmes for five countries
  • The cooperation platform: the flagship tool of the project

You can download the presentation of the final conference on the right side.

The second part of this conference was devoted to roundtables allowing the decision makers and organizations involved in the project to testify:

  • Roundtable: Policy makers involved in the project testify!
  • Roundtable: Feedbacks of organisations participating in the voluntary programme


We had 77 onsite participants in Paris, from 12 different countries: Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ivory Coast, Montenegro, Poland, Spain, Togo. We had also 15 persons that participated online with a lot of questions, during the question&answer session!

The public was composed of very qualified persons, who asked a lot of question and were very active, especially during the morning.


final conference_Q and A 2.jpg final conference_ Q and A 3.jpg