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Association Bilan Carbone (ABC) was created in 2011 at the initiative of the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) and APCC with the mission of developing and disseminating Bilan Carbone®. This method for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission accounting and reduction, initially developed by Jean-Marc Jancovici for ADEME, is currently the most commonly used method in France.

The association’s purpose is to facilitate the energy-climate transition for organisations at the French and international levels.

    Bilan Carbone®

Bilan Carbone®, a method for GHG emissions accounting and reduction, consists in an initial emission inventory phase followed by a second phase involving the identification of drivers for action in favour of their reduction and the energy-climate transition. It is a widely used method for the regulatory GHG assessments of organisations. It takes into account the direct and indirect emissions generated by a structure’s activity in its carbon accounting (scopes 1, 2 and 3).

Organisations that conduct a Bilan Carbone® on a regular basis are thus capable of viewing trends in their GHG emissions, providing them with an essential basis for building a coherent carbon strategy.

Published by experts and reviewed by the Carbone4 engineering firm, V8 is a comprehensive approach that, in addition to awareness-raising and action, includes accounting for emissions. It helps organisations take concrete action and is a reliable method for achieving the objectives set by the Paris Agreement.

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    GHG-MS (or SM-GES in french)

SM-GES® is an innovative solution intended to integrate the management of GHG emissions in the overall strategies of organisations and facilitate the monitoring of their actions.


As for the Clim’Foot project, the Institut de Formation de Carbone is mandated by ABC to train organizations and experts in order to use the Bilan Carbone® and the SM-GES®.

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