Without emission factors (EFs), it is impossible to evaluate a carbon footprint for an organisation (CFO) !


Creating emission factors databases supports national policy makers in the definition of public policies, for involving private and public organizations in reducing their carbon footprint. In the framework of the Clim'Foot project, each country has created or gathered 30 European emission factors and 150 country-specific emissions factors.

As a result, 5 National databases have been produced, they include at least 300 EFs: 150 European EFs (all the European EFs are gathered in each database) and 150 country-specific EFs.  All these data are free and downloadable on this website.

Main sectors that are covered by the databases are energy production, refrigerant fluids use and loss, freight and passenger transport, waste processing and purchase of good such as agricultural products, chemicals, glass, cardboards, metals, etc.


By creating national databases of EFs, the project provides data for the calculation of CFO. You will find more information about the calculation of CFO in the different countries, in the "Program" part of the website.


To better know how to use these databases, you will find in the next pages some elements about: the definition of an emission factor, the description of the 5 databases produced in the project and their organization, and the way to choose emission factors in these databases for your own CFO.

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  5. How to choose emission factors?