End of the French voluntary programme

Join the concluding seminar in March 2018!


Since June 2017, ADEME works with 30 companies (SMEs or mid cap companies), from 6 sectors (electricity utilities, automotive manufacturer, retailer, food and beverage, construction/real estate and transport), to assess their level of maturity regarding organization carbon footprint management (ACT methodology).

Since the beginning of the programme, the companies have been trained to methodologies, they have implemented the assessment of the climate strategies. Their strategy and mitigation plans have been rated, and a restitution of their results has been done in December 2017 to the companies.

A closing event will be organized the 13th, March 2018 in order to share the learning of this voluntary program and to discuss about future improvements (methodology, capacity building, link with investors, and support from consultants). This event is opened to all persons interested by the initiative.

You can find the programme and more details here (only in French).