End-users toolbox

Welcome to the Clim’Foot end-users toolbox!

In keeping with the Clim’Foot project, we make available to you this toolbox which brings you the required elements to launch yourself into a greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting. As an organisation, it is important for you to integrate environmental issues linked to GHG emissions and this begin with the estimation of the carbon footprint of your organisation. The objective of this toolbox is to give you information about the GHG accounting methodology used during the Clim’Foot project and to allow you to start this process.

The approach is available for both public and private organisations.

Here, you will find all the elements and criteria to start a carbon management like the scope of the carbon footprint, mitigation action commitment, board company involvement, etc.

The toolbox includes:

Downloadable documents are at your disposal to have more details and go further. Calculating the carbon footprint of your organisation is the best starting point to get familiar with environmental assessment.


If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.