The most important requirement to build emission factors database is to have available and accurate data and to design the specificity of the database.

The goal here is to present to you the methodology for constituting country-specific Emission Factors (EFs). A common methodology is required for achieving consistency in the EF creation, sharing data within the project and for further replications of the project results.

Each partner country (except France) has developed an EF set and has produced a detailed production report (methodology, perimeter, data sources, etc) in consistency with the “Methodology for constituting national databases” developed by the consortium which uses the ISO 14064 standard guidelines. In France, no new EF was developed, only a data retrieval from Base Carbone® (the French EF database developed for many years, in which the emission factors were already calculated) was provided.


  1. What sources are to be used?

  2. The Clim’Foot project methodology


How to build your own database?

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