Update of the program in France

The French voluntary program on ACT is a great success! You can find the synthesis of the voluntary programme on the right side of the page.

30 French companies (SMEs and mid cap companies) started the program and 29 companies were able to finalize their climate strategy assessment thanks to the ACT process. So only one, in transport, left the project during the data collection phase.

As a reminder, the companies are the following ones:


Enercoop, CNR, Albioma et Cap Vert Energie


Ian Motion


Maisons du Monde, Lyreco France, Legallais, Coq en Pâte, Bébé au Naturel, Samse, Tape à l’œil, Toupargel et Thermador Groupe


AdHoc Architecture, Acquistapace, ABRAPA et Neotoa


Fleury Michon, Eckes Granini France, Sill et Brio’gel 

Road transport

Breger, CAT 29, Transports Derval, Transports TAB, Groupe Guisnel, Transport Main Forte, BERT et Transports Landry


After the training in June and July 2017 and the data collection process during August and November 2017, the companies had their individual results of ACT assessment between December 2017 and January 2018. We also organized sectoral webinars in January 2018 in order to share the key learnings for the different sectors and to discuss about ways of improvements for the ACT project.

The calendar of the French voluntary program is the following one:


Roadtest calendar.PNG



The results are very heterogeneous, which reflects different levels of maturity about climate for the different companies (SMEs and mid cap companies). The scores vary from 1/20 to 17/20, with a average score of 8/20.

For all sectors, the modules related to supplier commitments and the business model are those that obtain the lowest ratings.

Companies are satisfied with this experiment because it reinforces their strategy or business model for those who have good scores or it helps them to identify the areas of progress for those with medium or low scores.


You can find more information about the evaluation suvrey and results of this experimentation here.

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