Update of the program in Hungary

Global results:

The target was the involvement of at least 10 end-users from private (5) and public (5) sectors.

The results is that 20 end-users have been involved in the voluntary programme with 13 private organisations and 7 public ones.

Currently organisations have the first results of the calculation; the others are still collecting data.

HOI’s experience is that the end-user visits very efficiently facilitated the calculation and it is a key important part of the Voluntary Programme. Moreover, several organisations are planning to set carbon strategy.

End-users activities and HOI:

The main activities since trainings in November and December 2016 are:


Main activities-Hungary.png

Main activities

End-users activities:

End users activities-Hungary.PNG

End-users activities

HOI’s activities:

Continuous support (email, phone) in identifying perimeters, data collection and calculation

Regular newsletter on project achievements, ongoing activities (~one per month)

Visits: HOI have visited four public and six private organisations and is still planning to visit a few more, around 15 participants are estimated.


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