New webinar : Clim’Foot Project

SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday, October 22th

The LIFE Clim’Foot project has been launched in 2015 to boost the development of national public policies in the calculation and the reduction of the carbon footprint of organisations. Currently, it is urgent to speed the moving to action to reach a low carbon economy. This three-year project (2015-2018) has experimented public policies in 5 European countries: Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Italy and France. One year after the end of the project, we invite you to follow this webinar to learn more about the results, the material developed, the dynamic launched and the way you can use the project results. The webinar is opening for any interested stakeholder: policy makers, public or private organisations, policy implementors, etc.

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We look forward to seeing you there!


First part: Introduction

  • Climate change challenges – the transition to a low carbon economy
  • Carbon footprint of organisations and European policies

Second part: What is the Clim’Foot project?

  • The project objectives
  • The partners and the voluntary organisations
  • Project highlights (emission factor database, a calculation tool, etc.)
  • The results (GHG emissions, actions foreseen)

Third part: What does the Clim’Foot community contribute to you?

  • The Clim’Foot platform
  • The network

Q&A – 30 minutes