2021 : What's new in the Clim'Foot community?

We would like to thank our 859 membres for involve themselves in carbon accounting through Clim’Foot project. Another new feature: the training module is operationnel. Don’t hesitate to train yourself to acquire skills and facilitate the use of the Bilan Carbone(r) Clim’Foot tool! We organised three webinars to keep you informed about climate news in Europe. All the webinars are available in replay on ABC Youtube channel.

To begin with, we had a focus on the EU green Deal regarding Ursula Von Der Deyen announcement in December 2019.


EU Green Deal: an innovative path to reach a low carbon Europe?

The new European Commission has defined an ambitious European Green Deal to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. What is the Green Deal added-value compared to the existing climate policies and regulations? From circular economy to energy-efficiency to non-financial reporting, the aim is to translate the Green Deal objectives into all EU policies taking account of social aspects.

How will the Green Deal impact companies, citizens, public organisations, etc.? Through this webinar, we would like to give you the key elements to understand the Green Deal’s challenges and raise awareness about the further development.

Then, regarding the pandemic impact we focused on policies to analyze climate part and the balance between economy, social model and environnement.


Recovery plans & climate issues