What is the project?

Clim’Foot is a European project to calculate greenhouse gas emissions produced by companies and entities founded by programme LIFE 2014-2020.


It is to gather useful data to develop CO2 reduction strategies and policies; public and private organizations are involved on a voluntary basis.

Scientific institutions of five European countries – Italy, France, Croatia, Greece and Hungary – are taking part in the initiative. The consortium is also composed of two private-sector partners from Italy and France.

The LIFE Clim’Foot project aims to address the lack of ambitious public policies supporting the harmonised calculation and reduction of the Carbon Footprint of organisations (CFO).

The LIFE Clim’Foot project targets CFO as it is one of the most well-known environmental indicators and has established assessment methodologies. Clim’Foot is an initiative for developing a global approach with an organisational environ-mental footprint initiative.

The first step of the project is to develop the methods and tools needed to implement national public policies and improve the skills of all stakeholders in CFO assessment and management (e.g. training, emission factor database, CFO calculation tool, methodology to develop, implement, and monitor GHG emission reduction action plans).

In order to foster the implementation of national public policies for calculating and reducing CFO, national voluntary programmes were implemented in all participating countries, including the support to a limited number of organization in CFO calculation and mitigation actions/plan design, with the use of tools developed during the project

Moreover, a specific dissemination campaign is currently implemented, with major aim to replicate the project actions in other countries.


Materials developed during the project


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